40 quotes on how to let go and deal with the things you can’t really control

The goal each day is to gradually strengthen yourself internally so that fewer and fewer external factors can impact your internal well-being without your conscious consent. In fact, how you deal with unexpected problems and frustrations can easily be the difference between a good life and an unhealthy life. If you choose unhealthy coping mechanisms, … Read more

4 movies about toxic limerence that will make you re-evaluate your fantastic relationship and situation

When I first wrote about limit in 2018, many readers have come to grips with the concept of being in a “fantasy relationship” – becoming obsessed and obsessed with a toxic relationship or “situation” that is often unreciprocated, harmful, incompatible in some way, and that fails to meet their needs and fulfills their standards. Here … Read more

The fusion self, the seeker self, and the lifelong challenge of balancing intimacy and independence – the marginalist

Every time I see a sparrow at the airport, I feel tenderness towards the bird because I experience so acutely and specifically the paradox that haunts our human lives in various ways – the difficulty of distinguishing comfort from imprisonment, freedom from danger. It is a paradox rooted in early psychological development and most poignantly … Read more

12 habits that turn dreams into reality

“Knowledge is not enough; we have to report. Wanting is not enough; We have to do.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe “Don’t wait. The time will never be right.” Napoleon’s Hill What makes dreams come true? I believe that perhaps the most important – and often ignored – thing is to simply take action. When I … Read more