Links for Utah Native American Classes

Free Learning Tools For Teaching Culture, Language & History


Learn how to use free programs like Google Apps for teaching Native American Culture.  Delve into Google Maps to teach history, Google Presentations to teach culture and government, and Google Hangouts for language training and online classes.  Google Forms will also be yours to do quizzes, surveys and more.


Bio Harold Carey  (Presentation)

Training Overview (Presentation)


Utah Native American Tribes – Website


Utah Navajo Lessons Folder


iPad Setup

itunes –  Google SlidesGoogle Docs

Creating with iPads


Google Apps Overview





Google Drive: Get organized with Drive


Gmail: Keep track of tasks


Get Started in the Classroom


Google Slides (Presentations)

Using Google Slides

Google Slides: Presentation basics

Use wide screen for google hangouts

Navajo History Timeline Demo  (Presentation)

Animations  (Presentation)



The Sacred Mountains  – Presentation

Inside the Hogan Presentation



Navajo Pre-Written HistoryPresentation

Navajo Long Walk  – Presentation



Navajo Language Lesson 16 Long Walk  – Presentation


Google Forms

Google Forms: Get speedier survey results

The Long Walk Quiz

K’e´  Navajo Introduction  Vocabulary


Google Hangouts

Hangouts: Video call basics

Get started with Hangouts On Air

Apps in Action: Virtual training made easy

Setup for Hangouts and Hangouts on Air (Video)

Google+: Getting Started With Hangouts On Air (Video)

Clayton Long Language class Hangouts

Navajo Hero Twins Part 1


Google My Maps

Google Maps: Basics

Navajo Mountain School Trip


YouTube Demo


YouTube Videos

Dr. WIlson Aronilth Jr. Navajo Teacher

Navajo Language links:



Utah’s Native American Resources

San Juan School District’s Heritage Language Resource Center

American Indian History Lessons

Utah’s American Indian Tribes

Utah Indian Curriculum Project – We Shall Remain

How to do Killer Presentations


Native American Indian Literacy Project- links


Navajo – Father Sky and Mother Earth

Navajo – Honeeshgish – A Navajo Legend

Navajo – Coyote, Bobcat and the Corn-English

Navajo – Ms. Coyote and Doe-Navajo

Navajo – Owl and Woodpecker-Navajo


Paiute – How Badger, Skunk and Sage Hen Were Marked

Aldean and the Red-tailed Hawk – Ute mt

Goshute – Bear & Deer

Uintah/Ouray Ute – Coyote and the Buffalo

Ute Mountain –  Legend of the Sleeping Ute

Legend of the Sleeping Ute

Shoshone – Handsome Coyote and Wildcat


YouTube Video

Ms. Coyote and Doe

Speak Your Mind