4 hot tips for a cool summer internship

Some new college grads, lucky and talented enough to find an internship, often wonder why they aren’t given more important work to do.

Here’s some advice for interns who want to excel:

Be a keen observer. Learn how departments interact and study organizational dynamics.

Don’t feel slighted or disrespected if at first you aren’t given work that you feel is justified by your training. This is just the start of your career. Adopt an attitude of learning.

If you’re used to being praised and being a star, don’t expect it here. Remember you are there to be a work horse, not a show horse.

Though your job is temporary, look for ways to contribute to the organization. Bring enthusiasm and your full attention to even simple tasks.

Meanwhile, managers could cut interns a little slack and realize their anxieties. Try giving them some actual challenges instead of busy work.