elearning 101 web links for July 11, 2008

The Best Online Learning Games — 2008

“It’s quite a diverse collection. So if you have your student participate in the voting they might, or might not, want to try out all of them. Less than a handful require registration, but those that do make it very easy.”

The magic of online learning boosts kids’ reading & writing

“Several children, some of whom couldn’t sit still, became engaged in Abracadabra’s educational gaming format. It offers surprises, competition and rewards, without comparing one student to another. One boy in particular, who struggled with simple letter identification, was absolutely engrossed,” Dr Lea said.

Report Reveals Growing Momentum in Online Learning
“Over 26% of teachers in 2007 chose online learning as their preferred methodology for their own professional development, compared to 7% in 2006.”

GetEducated.com Online Education Survey Ranks Top Best Consumer Buys in Online Engineering Graduate Schools and Master Degrees

“The online education survey ranks and recommends 28 engineering schools as Consumer Best Buy Online Universities, offering brand name graduate degrees online to consumers at tuition costs well below the national average.”

elearning 101 web links for June 27, 2008

U.S. Department of Education Releases Report on the Status of online learning.

“Education in this country has evolved dramatically from the days of one teacher in a one-room schoolhouse. Today, student learning is no longer confined to a physical space. Computers and the Internet have broken through school walls, giving students greater opportunities to personalize their education, access distant resources, receive extra help or more-challenging assignments, and engage in learning in new and unique ways.”

Personal Learning Determines Success

According to education experts, personal learning in distance learning programs plays the most important role in the success of ones completion. “The students decide on their own success”, said Dr. Ralf Andreas Thoma, head of studies Betriebwirtschaftliches Institut & Seminar Basel AG / Switzerland.

Online classes reshape schooling

“Enrollment on rise as high schoolers enroll in AP courses”

Online learning can help minority students

“As online learning becomes more of a strategic resource for K-12 and higher-education institutions to supplement traditional courses, education leaders are starting to discuss how online learning can help support minority students’ instructional needs.”

Get big benefits from continuing education

The vision statement of the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education says that it is “dedicated to the belief that lifelong learning contributes to human fulfillment and positive social change.”

Personal enrichment is important, but education can do more. It can lead to greater job satisfaction as old skills are honed and new skills are learned.

Jobs are changing in today’s world and skills need to be updated in order to keep pace. More education can propel an individual into a higher-paying job or even into a new career opportunity.

Our own company offers a variety of educational programs including tuition for college courses. If you are uncertain where to start, check with the Human Resources Department for a listing or an appraisal of your needs. A local vocational school, community college, or university is also a good place to go for information.

The Lumina Foundation for Education helps expand access to post-secondary education targeting adult learners, particularly those with low income or academic under preparation. The National Association of Realtors also lists online courses that can advance one’s career.

Many courses are now offered online. If you want to check whether an online course is accredited, visit the Council for Higher Education Web site, www.chea.org.

Age is no age limit for education. People over 55 can try Elderhostel. It offers the opportunity to partake of lifelong learning while offering a chance to have fun with peers.

What standard will you set for your kids’ interest in school?

To keep U.S. living conditions continuing to rise, our workers have to be worth what they cost in a global economy. They have to have a world-class and constantly improving education.
But when Fortune’s Geoff Colvin spoke with school superintendents, he found that their mood was one of frustration. Some parents objected to their kids having to learn algebra, others just aren’t interested in the schools.

Their attitude is showing up in obvious ways. One parent’s bumper sticker says, “My kid can beat up your honor student.” T-shirts bought by parents advertise such messages as, “For Sale: Text books and school supplies, never used,” and “Save energy. Sleep in class.”

It’s even seen on television. In the popular “Two-and-a-Half Men,” Jake does anything he can to avoid doing his homework. But he still gets everything he wants from his parents. You can bet school kids are watching and deciding that playing dumb is OK or funny.

A few parents have always had a contempt for education, but they never thought they could complain to educators that their kids were getting too much of it. Now they do.

The signs of disrespect for education are a cause for worry. It may be that the most important factor shaping our country’s economic future will be what we do individually to show our kids how valuable education really is.