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Navigator 2.0 is finally ready to roll
The seemingly endless beta cycle for Netscape Communications Corp.’s Navigator 2.0 will come to a close Monday with the final, commercial release of the market-leading Web browser.

Industry shipments rose..

..59.7 million units from 47.9 million in 1994. Growth in the U.S. Market lagged the global market, rising 21 percent to 22.5 million units from 18.6 million in 1994. Compaq retained its No. 1 position as the company’s PC shipments rose 25 percent from 1994 to 5.99 million units, or 10 percent of the worldwide market. IBM shipped 4.78 million units, 21 percent more than in 1994. Its market share fell to 8 percent year from 8.2 percent in 1994. Apple’s shipments rose 18 percent growth to 4.66 million units, or 7.8 percent of the market. In 1994, Apple shipped 3.96 million units, or 8.3 percent of the total market.

Small Pennsylvania Town Discovers

That Cable Modems Alter On-Line Life
Like the cable box on top of a television, cable modems are always connected. Being permanently on line, with no need to dial up a service provider, means that at any given moment the Internet is as immediately accessible as your computer’s hard drive or CD-ROM. “To me, on line and off line just don’t exist anymore,”

How exactly do I find an e-mail address? #finger


The Digital Wallet In Your Future – Bill Gates

Is The Internet Killing Apple?

Ready For Network’ P.C.s Set To Take Off

Netscape Gold adds WYSIWYG editing – by Tinoo Singh

Intel cuts Pentium chip prices,16,572,00.html
Intel announced that it is lowering the prices of its Pentium and Pentium Pro chips. The price cut will lower the price of a $3,000 PC to $1,200, according to officials. (February 1, 1996, 12 p.m. PT)

Best Sites of the Week

Information on Snapple products, the people who write the letters featuredin their popular commercials, and interesting uses for Snapple products (such as basting chicken!?!).




GIF89a-based Animation for Netscape 2.0

Instant animation:-selling the sizzle

Top Designers Compare Philosophies

Marketing Articles and Sites

Is There Anybody Out There?, by Peter Krasilovsky

Looking Good
Dazzling design is just as important for the intranet.

Digital Media Masters
Advertising Age’s Cybermarketing Leaders

On The Internet, Content Is King – By Bill Gates

Sports sponsorships are finding Web tie-ins – Ad Age

Marketers link up to tune of $54.7 mil
Jupiter study finds $11.8 mil in commercial, $42.9 mil Web support for ‘95

The Internet Gold Rush: Where’S The Gold?

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